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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emily's Free Printables Great For Moms

Good morning y'all! How are the wonderful readers of Bacon Time? I need to apologize for my terrible spelling mistakes when Mindie put this post up last time. Sorry Y'all! They are fixed now and hope you like them. Have you been enjoying your summer so far? Well I'm back from a wonderful vacation to visit family and of course doing tons of laundry as my family has been all over the place in the last couple of weeks. So, that got me thinking about what's hanging up in my laundry room. You know that dark place where your children like to drop their clothes and loose their socks? Don't your kids do that? Mine do and they create tons of laundry. Four boys equals huge amounts of stinky laundry. I don't know about little girls but my kids laundry is just gross! Boys! Anyway I was looking at the art I have hanging up in my boring beige laundry room and thinking y'all might have the same kinds of boring laundry rooms that need a bit of spicing up and thought you might enjoy this months printable to hang on your walls. Now if y'all have beautiful laundry rooms I bow down to you but it's the one room in the house that doesn't really get much attention except for changing loads of laundry. It will probably be the last place we paint etc... So, I've hung up one of my favorite quotes about laundry. Hope you enjoy this one. 

 download here

For those that need a more neutral print here is a chalkboard version of my favorite laundry quote.

 download here

Now if y'all have read much of my blog you have probably come across my absolute loathing of laundry. I'm pretty sure it's mentioned quite a bit. I don't like laundry in the least and would rather do three loads of dishes and clean a bathroom then worry about changing loads of laundry and folding then putting away. It drives me batty! However I love this quote because I'm sure I will miss it just a little as it will be a sign that my children have grown and as much as I love to watch them grow it also gives me a little pang of nostalgia. After all they were all such cute little babies in their own ways. Just as they are growing into good looking and wonderful young men. Okay I know that is probably wish full thinking because let's face it they love to sass their mom and have their moments of driving me up the wall. However, I'm sure I will miss all that a long with their piles and piles of laundry when they are gone.

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  1. Good evening, Mindie. I had three boys, all grown and out of the house now. Do I miss the laundry. Um... NO! Not one bit! :) However, I do get nostalgic about having milk in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours!

  2. Oh, I love this. They do grow way too fast!

  3. I am looking forward to that time with all of my kiddos! I still have 2 teens at home who make more laundry than a baby!! Have a good day! Linda

  4. I know this is crazy, but when my son left for college, I really did miss the pile of laundry. I think there were just so many adjustments to make that for some reason that is what I focused on. I told you it is crazy!

  5. time flies...Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I hope you saw the new giveaway I posted yesterday. xo

  6. LOVE this! Featuring you tomorrow! Thanks for linking.

  7. I'm loving this! Pinned.It's always a pleasure to have you be a part of our party. Please take a minute tonight at 7 pm, to party with us!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls


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