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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scorpion Pin And Soap Craft With Printable

I have been crafting up a storm for the holidays! 

Today I have a fun spooky soap, and pin craft, to share with you!

The scorpion pin is such a fun spooky accessory for Halloween. 

Scorpion Pin Materials:

Rubber Scorpions (Found at the Dollar Store)
Jewelry Glue
Pin with Blank Glue Pad


The scorpions I used had a hallow opening on the backside. I filled it with glue, and placed the pin inside. It fit perfectly. Let dry per glue directions. 
Right click, save, and print my gift tag above if you like! 

Yes there is a rubber scorpion inside the bar of soap! My boys loved this craft! 

Scorpion Soap Materials:

Melt and Pour Soap
Cosmetic Grade Scented Oil
Rubber Scorpions
Oval Silicone Mold
Rubbing Alcohol
Spray Bottle
Plastic Bags
Holiday Ribbon 


Place a scorpion inside of each mold. Melt soap according to package directions. Add scented oil until desired scent is reached. Pour soap into molds over scorpions. To easily pop air bubbles in soap, spray with rubbing alcohol.  Let soap cool until firm. Remove from molds, and store in an airtight container. 

A clear aloe soap would be fun too! 

Have a spooky Halloween! 


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