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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How To Turn A $1 Book Into A Reusable Advent Calendar

I have always wanted to make my boys a reusable advent calendar. I had one as a child, that my grandma made, and it always made the countdown to Christmas more fun.  

When I found this Christmas calendar activity book last week at Walmart for only 97 cents, I knew right away it would make a great advent calendar.  The pages are double sided, one bright colorful calendar page, and a back side activity page. Here is how I turned it into a reusable advent calendar:


1 shoe tree door hanger (with 24 pockets)
1 Tear Off Activity Calendar (from Walmart)
24 Laminating sheets
dry erase markers with erasers 
1 mini stocking
24 or more, small favors, toys, candy, etc. 
24 Red Solo Cups


The sheets easily tear out of book. Remove sheets, laminate, and trim with scissors. Place in your shoe organizer, countdown calendar pages facing out, along with a cup.  I placed two or more, matching treats in each cup, for both of my boys. Optional, place dry erase markers in a festive mini stocking, and move it along pockets as you countdown to Christmas. Complete activity pages as you countdown, and clean off, so they may be reused next year! 

Tip: If you prefer, you could gift wrap treats, instead of hiding them in the cups. It's not very hard to peak into the cups, so we are going on the honor system, at our house.

Here is an example of some surprises inside, behind the calendar activity pages.  I found most of my items at Walmart or the Dollar Store.  A mini Santa stocking, holds our dry erase markers with erasers, to use on the activity pages.

Well that's what I have been up to, what about you? Come share at our next Anything Goes linky party.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. 

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