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Friday, January 2, 2015

Let's Keep In Touch And Our Last Anything Goes Linky # 185

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I have shared so much more than recipes and crafts over the last four years here at Bacon Time. I have truly shared my heart with you all. Seven years ago, I moved to a small community, in the Sierra Mountains, not knowing a single person in town, and living nine hours away from family. I started blogging, to not only share my passions in life, but to connect with like minded men and women. That is exactly what I did, and never dreamed I would meet so many amazing people. I made friends, not just followers, but people who became an online support system for me. Many of you have been there for some of the hardest moments of my life. Sick kids, brink of divorce, and then a breast cancer diagnosis. Fortunately my family and I have made it through all of these events, and came out happier, and stronger.  I can't express my gratitude to you all. It's with a heavy heart, that I tell you, it's time for me to make some changes. 

Changes you say, is Bacon Time going somewhere? No, Bacon Time will still be here, and you may search our pages, and archives for anything you missed. There is so much inspiration here, from not only me, but my contributors, and our linky parties, it would be a shame to make it disappear.   I however will not be posting regularly anymore. This dose not mean I am disappearing on you. In fact, I would love if you sent me a friend request, on my own personal Facebook page.  I will still be sharing things I make on there, as well as other crafty tasty goodness discovered online. I would love to stay in touch with you. 

In March, I go in for my post treatment mammogram.  I am not going to lie, I am already feeling anxious about it. I will be sure to share that experience on Facebook, I hope you will join me for it.  For those that I am already friends with on Facebook, you got the instant selfie pic prior to surgery, who knows, maybe I will do a video log of this mammogram. Anything to bring awareness to the importance of early detection.  I will still be staying connected on Instagram and Pinterest too! 

Why changes, well I accepted a full time teaching position at our local high school!  I am the new alternative education teacher, working with 7th through 12th grade.  I also have some exciting new projects I am working on, and as hard as it is for me to admit, I can't do it all. I have been juggling too much, for too long, and something had to give.  I have decided I would like more free time to finish a raunchy, romantic comedy, screenplay I have been writing. Yes I have been keeping it under wraps. I started writing it before my diagnosis, and had to put it on hold, due to lack of energy and time. I started writing again a couple months ago.  I am Hoping to have it ready for my editor in Los Angeles by the end of Summer.  I have not shared much about this project, because it's not what you might expect from me.  I actually studied Fine Arts in college, and have a minor in English and Theater. I love the performing arts, and could see myself accepting a full time job teaching drama at the high school, if it ever becomes available.  Those that know me best, know that I have a witty sense of humor, that's not always PG. My screenplay has a similar vibe to Couples Retreat, but with a completely unique plot.  Although it's fictional, I have drawn from my real life experiences to bring humor, drama, and romance to the page.  I am tickled with the characters and plot, and can't wait to see it published, so that they may bring others joy.  Laughter is truly the best medicine. A motto I have lived my life by.  In both high school and college, I was voted the most improved actor. Not sure if I should be honored or offended, by that.  I am also hoping to start a podcast with my husband. He will be taking the lead on this one.  Then there is my online Etsy shop, and local shows, which I will still be participating in.   I have also started selling handmade scented soy tarts.  Folks that use to be hooked on Scentsy are now relying on me.  My first two batches completely sold out!  Again so much to do, so little time. 

Like I said, I don't want to say goodbye. I hope that we will be able to keep in touch. I am not saying I will never pop back on Bacon Time, to post an update or two, but I am not promising it either. Which is why I would love for you to send me a friend request on my personal Facebook account, so that we may keep in touch.  

Big Bacon Hugs But Not Goodbyes! 

And now for our LAST linky party!  I will leave this party open for two weeks.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas And 1 Minute Christmas Crack

Merry Christmas! 

Sorry there will be no linky party this week, in honor of Christmas.  
Please join us next week for our LAST Anything Goes Linky party! 
More information on that next week. 

1 Minute Christmas Crack

Friday, December 19, 2014

Anything Goes Linky # 184 And Features

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Would you like to see what my finished kitchen looks like...yeah me too!  Yes that's my way of telling you it's not complete yet.  I have finished with holiday decorating, so at least one things off of my to do list.  It's been an interesting and busy week. It looks like I might be teaching full time in the New Year! I will have more information on that soon for you.  

Here is what you may have missed this week at Bacon Time:

Now for some fantastic features: