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Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Dance @ the Hilton House, I Just Won at RWoP!

I am so excited, I am having a hard time typing over here.  Just wanted to share the good news.  I was just announced as our last "anything goes appetizer winner" at RWoP!  My winning recipe, was probably one of my easiest dishes to make, so I hope you will give them a try.  You could serve them over rice and have them as an entree too!  They were a big hit in our house since they remind us of our favorite take out Orange Chicken.  Thanks again to all my friends at RWoP, Kraft, Paula Deen, my incredible supportive family here at home, and all of you out there over the web who have given me the encouragement to follow my dreams.  Cyber hugs to all.
Just wanted to say a special thanks to Caryn Ross for her kind words and wonderful hosting at RWoP.  I have included her tribute video for the winners this week.  I must admit, I had to hold back some tears.  Caryn and I have both been through a lot in terms of health and weight issues, and what an amazing person she is for sharing her struggles and her wonderful success story.  Caryn you rock and I will keep on following you for the last appetizer challenge at RWoP.

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  1. Okay my RWoP sister! You won! Big congrats from me to you!


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