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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Well we had our Halloween party last night and it was a lot of fun, with costumes, tricks, treats, and more treats!  Hope you enjoy the pre party pics and tips.
 My homage to Twilight, my favorite novel and movie series.  Vampires would be scary if they just weren't so darn sexy.  lol  This was the only pumpkin I carved this year.  Check out my husbands Two Face pumpkin.  This was his third carving this year, what a Halloween trooper.

Of course every good party must have some great cocktails.  Check out our Halloween wine, bloody hand kiddie punch, and our Orange You Scared adult cocktail off to the right.  The kiddie punch was a combination of orange soda, lemon lime soda and orange Hawaiian Punch.  The bloody hand was Hawaiian Fruit Punch frozen in a clean latex glove.  The wine labels are peel and stick from the Dollar Store but you could always print your own at home if you can't find them.  The Monster Fingers, and Diva fingers were a hit with the kids and adults.  They are super easy, cocktail weenies, wrapped in a flour tortilla strip with garden vegetable cream cheese.  You will cut a little wedge out of the tip of cocktail weenie with a paring knife before wrapping. Bake them at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes.  I used leftover ketchup packets from the drive thru to easily apply red nails and for gross monster nails I used honey mustard.

Pumpkin cookies that look like pumpkins too with orange cream cheese frosting and just one simple green chocolate candy for stem.  These sweet chewy and gooey cookie bars were a big hit.  Super easy since the base of the recipe starts with a store bought Halloween Funfetti cake mix.  The rest of the ingredients can probably be found in your fridge and pantry, or at least at my house they can, butter, eggs, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, store bought chocolate frosting, and optional more chocolate sprinkles. 
More yummy festive grub.  I will post some new recipes later in the week sharing these scrumptious treats.  Not pictured my winning meatballs.  This time I made them with Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese instead of Chive and Onion out of necessity since I grabbed the wrong one at the store.  They were still very tasty.  I also made Sunshine Poppers, my husbands favorite, an old recipe from my RWoP account.  This time I added sharp cheddar cheese on top with one piece of green onion to make them resemble a tiny pumpkin.  They were even better then the original with all that gooey cheese on top.
Besides having lots of candles and decorations inside don't forget to have fun outside too.  What could be less expensive then chalk and easy clean up as well.  All you need is a sweet volunteer to lay down for you to trace.  Well hope the rest of your Halloween is filled with lots of fun and festivities.   If you are like us and taking the kiddies out  trick or treating tonight, be safe.  I feel like I should be home passing out candy, there is way to much left over from the party for me to get in trouble with. lol  Happy Halloween from our Hilton House to Yours. :)

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