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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How About Some Chocolate Covered Bacon For a Halloween Treat

Trick or Treat, you decide.  I say treat for sure with this chocolate covered bacon.  Now I have made a bacon butterscotch cookie, a bacon cheesecake, and even a frozen chocolate banana with you guessed it bacon on top.  Surprisingly I have not made chocolate covered bacon yet, but I hope to change that soon.  I have looked at a few different recipes but they all seem to be about the same.  Here is a recipe from the Neely's recipe box at the Food Network.  The picture I have included is from  They have a recipe on their site as well that is very similar to the Neely's recipe.  Both recipes are pretty easy.  If you can cook bacon, and melt chocolate, then you can make chocolate covered bacon.   My advice be careful not to burn your chocolate.  It only takes a little time in the microwave to melt bakers chocolate.  If you decide to use a double boiler, make sure not to get any water in your chocolate, even a drop will seize your chocolate up.  Well I hope this has been helpful advice.  I would love to hear from anyone that makes some of their own chocolate covered bacon.  I think the fun thing will be deciding what type of bacon to use.  I think applewood or maple flavored bacon would be yummy. I love peppered bacon, however, I don't think it would be your best choice for this treat.

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