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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Howl is in the Air!/notes/mindie-may-eyre-hilton/harvest-pumpkin-oatmeal-bundt-cake/138573772856507
     How does your family get ready for Halloween Night?   I know I love to watch some classic cartoons with my boys, like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Disney the original released in 1949.  Another one of our favorites is, Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  We also enjoy spending family time together carving pumpkins.  Just check out that skeleton my husband and our 8 year old carved, pretty impressive don't you think.  Although it is already starting to look decayed, so my husband is going to get another arm work out, if I can convince him to carve us another one before our party.  Make sure you keep your carved pumpkin in a dry climate controlled area for longer life.  I have also been told if you cover it with plastic wrap, when not lit of course, it will last longer.  For those Myth buster science guys and gals out there, I have included a link that will let you see what weird and interesting preservation methods are being used and are being put to the test.
I hope you will enjoy my Pumpkin Oatmeal Bundt Cake.  If you are short on time you could make them in fluted muffin tins for a much shorter bake time.  They will also look like adorable little pumpkins done in this method and would be perfect for parties.  I made our large bundt size one for breakfast, which makes for a beautiful center piece for a Fall table setting..  No guilt with this cake, since it has lots of pumpkin, dried apples, cranberries, and oatmeal, not to mention the low calorie, cholesterol and fat free egg product I used, giving you some lean protein as well.  It only has about a half a container of whipped frosting on it, and most of that was used for the stem, which was made using an ice cream cone, and probably won't be eaten.

    For those of you with young kids or grandchildren here are some of our favorite books to read year after year in October.  The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin has a great message for kids, letting them know it is ok to be different.
    Well in preparation for our Halloween Costume Party, I have came up with an Orange You Scared Cocktail.  You will want to serve these in clear glasses so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful pumpkin orange color.
Orange You Scared Cocktail
1/2 shot of citrus vodca (or more, if you are up for it)
1/2 cup of Fuzzy Navel Wine Cooler
1/2 cup Orange Soda  (I used diet)
1/4 cup Lemon Lime Soda (I used diet)
1 Scoop Orange Sherbert & Vanilla Icecream

These are so pretty with their orange color and the scoop of sherbert ice cream floating in it which also helps in keeping it cold.  You will want to have all of your ingredient chilled before making this cocktail.  You could also make a large pitcher of this and just add a scoop of icecream to each glass as you serve.  Of course the kiddies are going to want some too.  So substitute Hawaiian Orange Punch for the alcohol in the above recipe and your kids will enjoy the sparkling punch. 

I hope these movie clips, photos, books,  and recipes have helped get you in the mood for a Howling Halloween.  It doesn't take a lot of work to start making some wonderful holiday memories and special traditions.  I will be sure to post many pictures after Halloween to share our spooky fun.

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