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Monday, October 25, 2010

More Halloween Fun Ideas!

I made these for a Halloween costume party we attended last night.  You could make these any time of the year and omit food coloring and holiday colored sprinkles.  If you like carrot cake and cream cheese, give these chewy gooey bars a try.

I have to share what my very creative husband did.  He came up with the brilliant idea of carving a foam store bought pumpkin.  Now I will warn you, you will be needing to get out the vacuum after this craft project but it's worth it since you will have a hand carved pumpkin that will last forever.  He did a great job on this one, I think we really need to patent this idea.  Of course we will be carving more real pumpkins later in the week for our costume party we are hosting on Saturday but it's nice to know this one won't be growing anything scary in the mean time.

Well hope your Halloween is super sweet, tasty, and crafty this year.  Don't be afraid to be a little silly and get dressed up in costume with the kiddies.  My husband went as Billy Ray Cirus and I as Hannah Montana.  Our youngest boy Lucas went as Luke Skywalker and our oldest Joshua was Commander Cody.  More Halloween Tips, Recipes, and fun pics to come later in the week.

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