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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Outdoor Roasted Citrus & Sage Turkey

   Well I even impressed myself with this one.  I often leave the outdoor cooking to my husband, since he enjoys using his grill.  He had to work on Thanksgiving, but I didn't let that stop me from achieving our goal of roasting an entire turkey on it, this year for the holiday.  It turned out to be pretty easy to do.  It was so nice having my oven free for baking side dishes inside.  Clean up was also a breeze, since all I really had to do was put my large aluminum roasting pan in the recycling dumpster and put my roasting rack in the dishwasher.  Not sure that it was dishwasher safe, but it only cost a couple bucks, so I was willing to risk it, and it turned out just fine.  I made life easy for myself and used my electric cooking thermometer with an alarm, to know just when to take my bird off of the outdoor grill.  Since we have snow here in Northern California, I didn't want to be running outside every 30 minutes to baste, so I used cheesecloth soaked in butter and stock to self baste my bird.  I highly recommend the thermometers that have an alarm to make your life easy and to keep from over cooking your bird.  You can find them for as low as $15.00 too.  Over cooking is one of the biggest reasons why a turkey could be dry.  This bird turned out nice and juicy, and it was sure a nice center piece on our buffet table.  I removed the cheese cloth at 155 degrees, so that the skin would get nice golden and crispy.  I reset my alarm and removed the bird at 165 degrees.  Now I have read that your bird will typically go up, while resting covered on your counter top, a few degrees.  However in our chilly climate I didn't want to risk it, and I am glad I didn't, since the temperature of the bird never went up after removing it from the outdoor grill.  I hope you will give this easy fool proof recipe a try.  Of course these herb and citrus seasonings would be great with a chicken or Cornish game hen too, if you are feeding a smaller crowd.  I wish I had came up with this idea back when I was living in hot Southern California, I would have loved not heating up my entire house then while cooking my turkey.


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