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Friday, November 26, 2010

Personal Pumpkin Delights

   My family and I enjoy pumpkin pie every year at Thanksgiving.  Sometimes though, after such a large meal, I am not craving a huge heavy dessert.  This is a lightened up dessert, that will still deliver that traditional pumpkin pie flavor, so many of us crave in the Fall and Winter months.  I love that these are much lower in calories and fat then a traditional pumpkin pie.  I also adore their pretty presentation and easy portion control.  So if you feel like you might have gobbled up more then your fair share yesterday, but still want something sweet, give this easy recipe a try.  You would never guess that these yummy treats were made with Truvia zero calorie sweetener, fat free condensed milk, fat free whipped topping, natural pumpkin puree, fat free & cholesterol free egg product, and reduced fat crescent rolls.  You could also use this filling in a reduced fat pie shell if you feel like being just a bit more traditional.  It is tasty enough on it's own, for an even lighter dessert, you could skip the crescents and just top it with your whipped topping and some cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.  I hope your Thanksgiving yesterday was just as sweet as this cute little dessert.

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