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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spread a Little Love with a Touch of Philly!

We had so much fun with this dish.  What a win win, we enjoyed good food, and family time in the kitchen, as we helped feed another 100 people this holiday season.  It is so easy to do, you can have fun too, spreading the love this holiday by sharing your Kraft with just a touch of Philly dishes.  Every pic you send in will provide 20 meals for folks in need this year.  You can enjoy sprucing up any classic recipe by adding Kraft's new shredded cheese with just a touch of Philly.  Coupons are available at the Real Women of Philadelphia hosting the campaign in partnership with Feeding America.  You have just until the end of this week to get your pics in.  Don't wait, get in your kitchen, use your new Kraft cheese, and take some pics.  It is that easy.  There will be an extra special feeling of joy at our Thanksgiving table this year, knowing that as we sit down to enjoy a good warm meal, we will have helped make it possible for many others to do the same.  I hope you enjoy our pics as much as we enjoyed our time in the kitchen together.  Remember you can submit up to five pics per every dish like we did.

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  1. Your pictures are just adorable of your good looking children! Love the sleeping highchair one--so cute!


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