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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Potato Corn Bread Muffins (Veggies your kids will eat)

   I made these on Thanksgiving morning, trying to get some of my baking out of the way for dinner.  I had to stop my 8 year old son who to quote "doesn't like sweet potatoes" from eating them all before dinner time.  These muffins are an easy and nutritious way to get sweet potatoes, a nutritious veggie, into your kids.  If you make them with substituting unsweetened apple sauce for oil, they will be even more nutritious.  To quote my son these were "the best mini muffins ever".  Well I won't go as far as that, but in my book any recipe that incorporates fruits and veggies, that my boys will eat, is a pretty amazing thing.  This recipe will make about 31 mini muffins.  These would also be a great alternative to a boring dinner roll.  For some color and added vitamin C, try throwing in some dried  unsweetened cranberries.


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