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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cheesy Bacon Turkey Lasagna

This lasagna is loaded with 6 different types of cheeses including fresh mozzarella, garlic jack, and mascarpone, lean ground turkey, and a little bacon.  This was a huge hit with my entire family.  I make lasagna often since it is something that everyone seems to love.  This was the first time making it with bacon, and it was delicious.  The bacon is added to the lean ground turkey and pasta sauce.  I usually make my own sauce to keep the sodium lower, but this time I used an organic spinach pasta sauce, that was delicious and lower in sodium them most brands.  It was the first time too, that I used a fresh store bought pasta that required no preboiling.  I found the pasta to be delicious, and slightly more delicate then your thicker dry pasta.  This is a super easy lasagna that can be prepared in about 15 minutes and baked off in about 30 minutes.  I have made lasagnas in the past that have been much more complex and time consuming and have not had this rich authentic Italian flavor.  For the complete recipe check out the link above.


  1. This is one I am going to have to try!!!! Sounds great and who doesn't like lasagna with a little bacon? I agree with your comment, my dad used to say 'there are people starving in China' when I was young so I was also a part in the 'clean plate' group - it is still hard to step away.....I love your blog and thanks so much!!!

  2. I will definitely try this one! Even Papaw will like it, cuz it's Lasagna. Keep up the good work.


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