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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Said Hip Hop Hippity Hop You Don't Stop Rocking.... Bunny #1 Sewing Project # 5

Bunny #1, more to come, because well we all know what bunnies like to do, he he!

I can't wait to have a hutch just full of bunnies by Easter.

As bunnies are mischievous this one is no different, getting into everything on my hutch, although It gave me a chance to take a cute pic of his tail.  :)

  I think my husband might already be wishing he had never gotten me the sewing machine.  I am now planning on making maybe a half a dozen bunnies to put on my hutch for Easter time.  We might just be able to hide bunnies instead of eggs for a new fun game.  I bought the fabric for the bunny above for two dollars and have more then enough to make a second one.  I didn't use a pattern just had fun making my own.  I Googled for some fun bunny sewing pics and found some real fun ideas.  I think I will change the shape, size, and color for each one I do just a bit, to make them all unique.  I love the country rustic charm of this one, finally my poor sewing technique pays off.   I hope everybunny has a beautiful day.  It has been freezing here in Northern California, this little bunny is bringing me some hope for sunshine just around the corner.

Find My No Pattern Needed Bunny Tutorial Here

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  1. I must have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bravo! Such a sweet bunny! I have to give you props..I hate to sew! Congrats on selling these cute little creatures!

  3. Love your mischievous bunny! So cute! It brings back lots of memories!

  4. Stopping by from Nick of Time, It's so adorable, so wish you would share how to make it. Too cute. Sweet bunnies, a whole room full of bunnies.

    1. This was an old post, when I was just learning to sew. I will try to do a new post with a step by step tutorial this Spring. It really is an easy project since nothing has to measure out perfect or line up.


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