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Monday, December 6, 2010

Inexspensive Christmas Craft Ideas

Fresh Wreath with Ribbon
Every year I make a wreath for practically nothing by recycling our trimmings off of our Christmas tree.  We always need to trim branches off of the bottom to make watering possible and to leave room for gifts.  All this takes is some floral wire, hedge trimmers, wire cutters, and ribbon.  Of course you could get more elaborate if you wanted too and add ornaments or battery operated lights, but this year I kept it simple.
Fun Fur String Diamond & Pearl Trees

" I had already shown you the taller center tree in an earlier post.  For two more dollars I bought two more smaller trees and covered them with my left over fun fur string, buttons, bows, and pearl and diamond pins.  Super quick and easy craft that even the kids could help with.  The best part is, for you moms like me out there, no glue,  paint, or glitter mess to clean up.
Easy Dress Up & Lit Up Cheap Vase
If you are like me, you hang on to those vases you receive with flower arrangements even though they can be a little dull.  Well for no money spent at all, I made this lit vase using up left over holiday ribbon, garland, artificial leafs, and a couple battery operated LED tea lights.  I wrapped the vase with see through ribbon, then tied silver garland around the top and bottom to secure it, you could use ribbon instead if you like.  It only took about 3 minutes to do.

Whimsical Angel Kraft For the Kids
 I had so much fun with our button trees, that I decided to use up some of our leftover buttons & fur string to make this fun angel.  Her wings are made of foam sheets and glitter glue found at the dollar store.  Her necklace and halo are  made from a bead kit found also at the dollar store.  To make the halo stand up I strung the beads together with some ribbon wire.  I gave her face some color with my compact powder foundation.  Her hair is some scrap pieces of silver garland rope, used for the lit vase as well.  I attached her foam head to the foam body cone with a large push pin and added some glue to make sure it stayed.
Inexpensive Edible/Biodegradable Tree
 This picture does not do this fun country tree justice.  I love changing up our tree color theme each year and buying new ornaments.  However that can get to be expensive, plus then you have more to take down and pack up each year.  Well this year my son and I thought it would be fun to decorate with biodegradeable and edible ornaments.  So at the end of Christmas we can recycle our tree, ornaments and all (I am sure the deer, birds, and raccoons will love this).  I love that it cost pennies, was fun to do, and will leave me only the lights to take down and pack up. This would be a great tree for someone just starting out on their own with little money and no ornaments on hand. We strung popcorn and fruit loops for garland, a great project to keep the little ones busy, and they have a snack on hand while they do it.  We hung cookies and candy canes as well on the tree.  Then I went through my ribbon drawer and tied a bunch of scrap pieces to the tree.  It was a very easy tree to decorate.  Thank goodness too, since it fell over twice, and had to be redone each time.  Luckily no broken glass or treasured ornaments were lost, only a few cookie and popcorn crumbs to pick up.

Joshua's Fun Fuzzy Bling Bling Tree
 We are going tree crazy over here at the Hilton house.  My older boy Joshua wanted to make one more tree on his own and here it is.  Again we used those pretty diamond and pearl corsage pins, ribbon bows, a foam cone, and dollar store pom pom fuzzy balls.  No glue or paint mess to clean with this one either.  I helped with the bows, since even I sometimes poke myself when making the little ones. 

Well we are just about done with our decorating this year for Christmas.  It has been a lot of fun making these easy and fairly inexpensive crafts.  Hope you are finding yourself inspired to have a crafty Christmas this year too.


  1. Hi Mindie... and you said you weren't 'crafty' I love all of these and your tree is just great! It makes me want to try something 'crafty'..... I hope you and your family have a great christmas! You have a beautiful family! Maria

  2. Thanks for linking up to our YARN IT ALL party! I love those trees... SO cute! I'll have to keep that in mind for next Christmas! :]

  3. Mindie - so cute! I love your yarn wrapped trees!

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