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Friday, December 24, 2010

Joshua's Cookies & the Hilton House Holiday Menu

My 8 year old made these and was excited to share them at Bacon Time.
     Just wanted to do a short post today and let you all know how much fun it has been swapping and sharing recipes at Bacon Time.  Today I will be resting and having some good quality family time with my boys.  Speaking of my boys, my oldest son Joshua made these cookies and wanted me to share them.  In the beginning of December I like to make a double batch of sugar cookie dough and put it in the freezer for some quick cookie dough fun all throughout the month.  He decorated them with things we had on hand, our delicious seasonal marshmallows from Kraft and red sprinkles.  He did a great job, so good in fact, they are all gone, and Santa is going to be receiving some homemade candy this year because the cookies are no more.
     I have for several years now always made a ham for Christmas however this year we are having Prime Rib or as we tell our kids "Roast Beast" referencing our famous villain the Grinch.  On Christmas I like to keep my menu much easier then I do at Thanksgiving since I know I will be spending most of my day playing with the boys and their new toys (Jerry my husband included)  he usually gets some new big boy toys too.
The Hilton House Menu for Christmas will be a piece of cake as Christmas dining should leave you feeling peaceful in my opinion.

Hilton Holiday Menu

Bacon Wrapped Prime Rib with a Sweet N' Spicy Marinade
Alfredo Potato Casserole
Roasted Broccoli
Joshua's White Shells & Cheddar
Corn Bread
Spiced Caramel Apple Crumb Bars Ala Mode

  I look forward to sharing these recipes with you next week.  I hope that your Christmas leaves you with more then just material things.  I hope it leaves your heart a little bigger, your soul a little warmer, and your body and mind invigorated for the coming New Year and all the blessings it will hopefully bring. On Christmas as you give and receive gifts from family and friends, consider it a gift from God each and everyday, to wake up and be able to enjoy life with the people that make your house a home.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

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  1. Mindie,

    I keep mine simple also, I am making Pot Roast Stew.



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