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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Not So Crafty Craft-er

   These trees are made with ball point pins, buttons, ribbon, and foam cones.  They are super easy, require no sewing, which is wonderful since I do not own a sewing machine nor would I know how to use one if I did.  The one on the left my 8 year old son made for me.  He did such a great job.  The one in the middle I made for our friends baby girl, my adopted niece, it will be her first Christmas tree.  The one on the right is for my Mom and Dad.  They have not put up a Christmas tree in years, so I thought it would be nice to send them one.  We chose to use non traditional colors so that they could be left up year round.  I wanted to do a larger tree but our craft store in town is limited on supplies. 
Since winter was leaving my herbs growing in these window boxes wilted, I decided to do away with them.  Probably for the best, since I think I have replaced all of the herbs at least twice, due to climate, and the fact that my toddler runs his Tonka cars over them, they were a lost cause.  We went to the dollar store and purchased a bunch of seasonal flowers and foam blocks.  This one my son made on his own and it is in his bedroom window.  I made three more, similar in color and they are in my kitchen on top of my cabinets safe from any "cars" lol.

Our Thanksgiving table.  Super easy, scented pine combs and cinnamon sticks, in a large serving bowl, I had on hand, and three candle holders at various heights, with three glass votive candles inside.  This I set up on Thanksgiving but can leave up all winter. 

    Same material was used as with our trees except used a foam wreath instead of cone.  There are so many different ways you can make these.  As with my mom's tree, this wreath has little ribbon bows all over it, for a pop of red.  Red buttons were pretty much all gone at the store, at least in my price range.   I love that I can leave this one up all year, it is above my black writing desk, and below three family pics that are in black frames. 
   Well we had so much fun with these projects.  Don't get me wrong, the kitchen is still the heart of my home.  But I will occasionally attempt crafts in the future since these turned out to be so easy and fun to make.  We already have thoughts of maybe making an angel in similar fashion to the trees but with a few more items for the head and wings.  I would also like to do a large tree in traditional colors with maybe some fancier themed buttons or possible one with diamonds and pearls, since I did find those type pins at the store.  Hoping to get to Reno to check out the larger craft stores for better supplies.  I want to thank April a fellow blogger for sharing this craft idea with me.  Here is the link to her great blog.  As you  will  see, she can use a sewing machine, unlike this not so crafty craft-er.


  1. They look fabulous-I love that you did the same thing with the wreath! It's so cute!

  2. This is such a cute idea - I love the wreath and I LOVE projects where I get to just shove the straight pin into the styrofoam... you can do it while watching TV and it just looks super-cute at the end! Thanks for sharing!


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