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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Project Run Away!

     I came home from grocery shopping a few days ago to find a sewing machine, in a sewing machine box and no other packaging, sitting outside my front door.  Well thanks to Costco's packaging and shipping department, the surprise factor now gone, my husband decided to let me open it early.  Well those that know me, know that I love cooking and love all things food related.  I also love home decorating, and occasionally attempting some easy crafting.  However, I have never taken homec, never owned a sewing machine, nor have I ever used one.  I have always been a bit intimidated by them to be honest.
   Well today, with my husbands support and help, I used a sewing machine for the first time.  I made two table cloths, for my square table, that is in my kitchen as extra work space.  Well I am no where ready for Tim Gunn and Project Runway. I would cringe if they looked closely at my seems.  I did however manage to pull this first attempt off with out any crying or bloody fingers. Well I will no longer "Run Away" from sewing machines now that I have one project under my belt.  I will be taking it slowly.  Maybe I will attempt a pillow or two in the near future. Thanks again Jerry for the gift, help, and encouragement.

I loved the print of this fabric since it is somewhat festive for the Holidays but doesn't scream Christmas, so I can leave it up as long as I want.  The approximate cost for the material and 4 tassels was about 10 dollars.

This was my $4.00 piece of fabric to practice with.  I was able to make a table cloth with it too.  I will probably use it in the spring.  I love the fun food items on it.

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  1. seams.....I have always been intimidated by sewing too~ I am sure you'll do well. My colors are red and yellow hint hint


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