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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sewing Project #2 from the Not So Crafty Crafter

      As you know from an earlier post, I received a sewing machine from Santa's big helper.  This was only my second project so although it's not absolutely perfect, I am pretty impressed with my self.  I have always been a bit scared of sewing and well I took the bull or "elephant" by the horns with this one and just decided to go for it.  The elephant is for my cousin who loves the colors turquoise, red, and yellow.  Which by the way, is not the easy combination of colors to find in one print.  She also has collected elephant figurines for years.  Her initials are D.H. which is why the elephants eyes if you look closely are made with a combination of  buttons and those letters in beads.  Again no tears or blood was shed on this craft project so I will call it a success.  I think he is pretty cute, even with his crooked ears.  I hope my cousin loves it as much as I love her.  I think I might just attempt a pig for Bacon Time, for my next project.  My oldest son wants an animal too, although I am reluctant to make him one since I know he will use it as target practice, being the avid hunter he is.

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  1. You are getting really good at this....I wouldn't even know where to begin. Great job! Maria


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