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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sewing Project #3 From the Getting Craftier Crafter & a Bacon Time Mascot

Bacon Time has a new mascot!

I started out with buttons for the eyes but my toddler kept trying to pull them off so I sewed little circle eyes on in the contrasting fabric that I also used for the ears.

A pig in a pen, my toddler will love snuggling this cute soft pig, now if I could just get him to sleep in his crib.
   I had plenty of fabric left over from the elephant I made for my cousin, so I decided to make a blog mascot and pillow for my toddler.  With the elephant I had a pattern to work from but with the pillow, it was so easy, I made my own. I sketched out a profile of a pig on to some typing paper. I cut out my fabric and machine sewed almost all of it together, stuffed the pig, then hand stitched the opening I left for stuffing.  Then hand stitched on the eyes and ears.  The ears and eyes are in a contrasting fabric.  The ears are two triangles that I machine sewed together first then stitched on to the pig by hand.  The entire thing took about an hour.  It was so fun and easy to do that we just might start our own zoo of pillow friends.  My older son wants a camo printed puppy pillow, so I will have to head back to the fabric store soon.  I still have some left over  fabric from this project, so I might just come up with an Easter project to use it on.

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