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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sewing Project #4 (I am out of control)


Well I was warned that sewing is addictive, and I can see that now.  It brings this sense of excitement as you might find when creating a new recipe.  Although I believe God wants me to cook, since it is the only thing I feel I have a natural talent for, I must say, I am having fun with my new sewing machine.  It does not come natural, at all, in fact I am still surprised I can even touch the thing with out sewing my fingers together.  What I do find easy, is coming up with fun projects to sew.  Well I guess I have the creativity part down, hopefully my sewing skills will eventually improve. 
   As I told you yesterday, my older son wanted a camo stuffed dog pillow.  So we went to the store and I let him pick out some fabric.  He ended up not picking camo  but this soft suede like material and a winter dog print.  The colors work well together, although they were not my first choices, but  no matter because the pillow wasn't for me.  It was an easy project again, no pattern was used. As I am typing this, Joshua just woke up, and came to the living room snuggling his new pillow friend (so cute).  Well I have caught the sewing bug, so who knows what I will come up with next.  Now if I could just find my scissors. They seem to have disappeared yesterday, they crazy thing is even the gift wrapping scissors are gone too.  And of course my scissors for cutting hair are covered in glue (kids).


  1. I forgot to mention his eyes are my sons initials, in beads, and on top of buttons.

  2. LOL...too funny, I think you are out of control:) I am very impressed, I love the tail and the ears. I can't believe you just started, I bet in a week you are going to be making your own clothes. Maria

  3. I was just thinking about maybe working on some clothes. If I do succeed in making anything wearable, I will wear it in one of my cooking videos for RWoP. It might add some comedy to my video, ha ha. I actually have patterns to make some cute clothing, it came with a sewing book for beginners my hubs got me. My mom is going to visit soon hopefully, she rocks on the sewing machine, so I am hoping she can teach me what I need to know. I made a cute bunny last night. I am going to make several and put them on my hutch for Easter.


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