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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crafting for Fashion

I started out taking pics with the headbands on a halloween wig of mine and my toddler I guess felt left out.  His father would not be happy with these pics.  This one he is modeling is my favorite.

I have this style in 4 different colors, these were less then 2 dollars a piece to make and only took seconds to do.

   I am a foodie to the core but I must admit I also love fashion.  I have always been somewhat of a girly girl when it comes to fasion.  I always put comfort first but I like to enjoy items that make me feel pretty.  That means I adore accessories.  I have too many purses and shoes according to my husband.  He would rather I spend a fortune on one purse and use it forever.  I rather have lots of affordable purses since I like to change them up with each outfit as you would shoes.  He also likes to buy me nice quality jewelry but I have a secret I absolutly love costume jewrely.  I love big bold pieces that can make an ordinary outfit pop.  My recent attempt at finding some pretty feminine head bands led me to this crafting project.  I found one headband that I liked at Target for $10.00.  Now not to say that is an unreasonable price, I just thought I could do it for less.  So I went on a mission to recreate my own and I ended up making several each costing around $2 to $3.50 a piece.

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