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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How would you like to be in a commercial?

   OMG people this is soooooo cool!  You know I am excited because I usually don't talk like this.  Let me just give you the 411, FYI, the skinny, the drop if you will.  Kraft is going to have a new campaign where you could be the star of your very own commercial.  They will be picking 3 people to star in their very own commercial for Kraft's new Philadelphia Cooking Creme. Ok don't scream yet, these 3 people will be having a professional camera crew show up in their hometown to film these commercials, wait not yet, and they will be receiving $2500 buckaroos, ok now you can scream!

   For those of you that have watched my videos new and old, you know I like to have fun with them.  I am a firm believer cooking should be fun otherwise why bother, just go out to eat.  Kraft cooking creme has made life easier and fun for me in the kitchen and I can't wait to start making and sharing my video entries for this new contest.  Oh if I was having trouble sleeping already with creative recipe ideas swimming in my head, I think I better get some Ambien because the excitement is just about unbearable.   Ok the contest starts in February and you still have time to register if you would like to be apart of this.  So what are you waiting for, "Action"!  OMG, again, I could have people to film me and not have to do it myself. Awwwwwesooooome!  Oh I almost forgot, I already feel like a winner because those that participate will be receiving 8 more tubs of cooking creme for free!

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