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Monday, January 3, 2011

Italian Pot Pie with the New (not yet in stores) Philadelphia Cooking Creme

  I am so excited to be a part of  the RWoP cooking creme contest!  Kraft has four new flavors of cooking creme that is not yet in stores but will be soon.  I along with 499 other lucky RWoPers were invited to take part in a contest where we would receive 8 tubs of the cooking creme before it is available in stores and get to start creating fun new recipes with it.  Well it was so cool having these delicious cooking cremes show up for free at my door.  They are remarkably flavorful and a perfect base for so many recipes.  This week at RWoP I will be sharing two of my recipes using the Italian Cheese & Herb variety.  Today I would like to share with you all my video and recipe for a beautiful Italian Pot Pie.  The rules for the contest state you can only use 10 ingredients, and must have your dish prepared and cooked within 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Well thanks to this incredible product by Kraft, It didn't take me nearly that long or even 10 ingredients to have a wonderful family meal prepared.  I love that this dish is what I like to call a one pot stop.  Meaning that you only have to dirty one dish while preparing and baking.  I also love how impressive looking this rustic pie is, perfect for entertaining guest and simple enough to make any busy weeknight.  Well this recipe only calls for 6 ingredients and is ready in less then 30 minutes.  You know I always bring tasty yet easy dishes to the table, and this is no exception.  I hope you will give this recipe a try just as soon as the new Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme comes to a store near you.  Besides having a new, easy, and delicious recipe up my sleeve, I also have a chance at wining $2,500 bucks and a chance to have my recipe featured on the product!  How cool is that, I think I would just blush every time I saw someone in the store pick up my recipe, that would be if there were any left to buy after I purchased them all to pass out to friends and
I also hope you will watch my fun video, the beginning and end, like me, are a bit silly.

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