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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did You Win?

Handkercheif Dress - Halloween Skeletons
We have a winner for The Cursing Crafter dress give away!!!!

Handkercheif Dress - Halloween
Have you all had a chance to check out this wonderful shop here, and see the cute new Halloween dresses in stock.

Well without further ado, lets see who just won a new dress.....

Our lucky winner out of 86 entries was # 3!!! Congratulations Brooke Kenny from
 Babblings and More that's you!
I love when the early bird gets the worm.

Please contact me via email to claim your prize in the next 72 hours.

Thanks again to our give away sponsor Mimi from The Cursing Crafter and Living In France.

On a Side Note Help Please....
I have seen how some folks get there comments to # so that they don't have to count to find the winning #.  This time it was easy, being #3 won, and it was only one give away, but before I have that huge give away in November with over 70 winners, I would love to figure out how to get blogger to # the comments for me.  If you know how to do this on blogger (or if it's not possible on blogger) would you help me out and leave a comment, I would really appreciate it.


  1. Oh man. Seriously, the counting the comments sucks and I know you can number them but I don't know how either!
    Congrats to the winner! Can't wait to see which you pick!! : )

  2. I emailed you my address! Let me know if you got it! Thank you SO much!!

  3. Loving your spot here.. So much creativity..I'm officially following ya with smiles.. I would LOVE for you to link your fall items to my fall crawl party going on today..Great inspirations. :))


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