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Monday, September 26, 2011

DIY Mini Pumpkin Bottles

Give away update: I know I usually have give aways on Monday, but I am sharing some craft projects today since tomorrow we will be kicking the morning off with two Pre-BlogMania give aways!
So make sure to check back tomorrow, and for now enjoy this tutorial.

We buy these mini juices from Costco and recycle them all the time.  I decided to hold on to a few bottles to make some mini pumpkins with for Fall. 

They came with white caps, but I found some green ones that semi fit to use as stems.  You could leave these little guys up through Thanksgiving time. TIPS,  Since they cost pennies to make, you could make a bunch to decorate a large buffet or dining table.  If you printed out name tags on green paper, you could use paper for the leaves and turn them into seating cards and favors for your guests. You could also fill them with sand, popcorn, or rice to way them down, and use several to line your front door walk way.
They look cute on their own, but I decided to embellish them with some ribbon and buttons.

What you will need:

Small plastic bottle(s)
green cap/lid(s)
orange spray paint or orange craft paint and brush
green felt scraps
hot glue
buttons (optional)
ribbon (optional)

Super easy to do, just paint bottles with out caps on.  I used spray paint and painted back side first. When paint is dry, put cap/lid on. Wrap twine around top of bottle and hot glue down end. Hot glue your felt leaf down.  Then tie a bow with twine.  Optional decorate further with buttons and ribbon, securing with hot glue.  These are so easy to make, perfect kid craft, just assist with the hot glue and paint.

They are cute with out the button too.

If you use buttons, it's a great chance to teach patterns to little ones helping you.

They look very cute with our other trash 2 treasure project the candy corn bear, find that tutorial HERE.

Make sure to check out our Linky Love page for all the cool places I party at.

Happy Fall Crafting!


  1. That is cute--I also like the honey bear. :)

  2. Those are ADORABLE!!!! I have to go get some juice bottles just so I can do this. :)

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment! So glad to have found you! I'm your newest follower!

  4. What a cute idea. These would be fun party favors!

  5. Cute project for Fall!

  6. how cute love them so frugal because you can reuse and fun because little hands can be involved in planning how they will look come see what I shared at

  7. Oh, those are just adorable! What a clever idea...I love finding ways to use things we already have around the house and making them crafty. :) I'd be so thrilled if you'd link these up to my pumpkin craft challenge!

  8. Hello friend! Just want to say thank you for linking up with the frog and you are being featured this week! Is it getting old yet? I could not find your piggie button so I added the Twilight button to the side bar. HUGS~

  9. Great ideas! i love it, thanks for sharing.


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