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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 Reasons Why You Should Be On Pinterest

1. Oh Damon....
2. Zac Efron. Yum
3.perfection <3
calorie free fun
4. holy sweet Jesus.
5.Love him
6. Is that Dr. yum yum?
7. MMhhhmmm.
8. Hugh Jackman
9. Q4

10. Seriously, now that I have your attention, you should be pinning because it's a great way to promote your blog and business.  Pinterest has consistently remained my #1 traffic source, sending me thousands of page views each day.  Not to mention it's fun to use.  Unlike the Gawker sites, which also send me traffic, but not as much, you have the freedom to pin whatever you want.  Just like these 9 beautiful calorie free men I pinned to my Craving Board ;)

If you are not on Pinterest yet, and want an invitation to join (since you need one) then email me at and I will be happy to send you an invite.

What will you pin?

To see where I party check out my Linky Love page.


  1. okay seriously rolling around on the floor here. What a way to catch peoples attention. You crack me up girl. have a great day!

  2. Oh for crap's sake. Those are all the same dudes I would have picked. I think we're secretly related!

  3. The first one was enough to convince me!

  4. Not bad.....but then, you havent' seen my hubby!! Love Pintrest!! Thanks for the chuckle!!

  5. You are such a BAD girl! I'm on Pinterest and love it, but I'm still downloading stuff from my personal computer! It's taking me forever because I've got tons of stuff. Check me out, Mary Avlos-Dailey

  6. Following you now Mary :)
    Anonymous, if these guys are just ok, then you are one lucky lady!

  7. Great post! I'll take any one of those...


  8. Those are 10 Great Reasons....I heart pinterest too (

  9. yep, you got my attention! I'm glad you wrote about this cause i was just wondering this. i'm following you now, if you ever need guest writers I would be very happy to do one or a series for you!! here's my pin URL

  10. If I weren't already on, Ian Sommerhalder would do it for me. My oh my is he gorgeous!

  11. Oh your bad.....once I got to the article...I definitely agree Pinterest is my #1 traffic source.....HOW WILL SOPA affect PINTEREST????? Thanks for Linking up @CountryMommaCooks….Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Hahaha! Your so funny girl but Yes very convincing.. :)

  13. Ohhhh Mindie, thanks for sharing the candy today. ;)


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