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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Contact Info For Bacon Time

I have been having issues for a long time now with my yahoo email account. I have decided to keep my yahoo account, but I have updated my contact information at Bacon Time with a different email account.  If you would like to inquire about advertising, sponsoring a giveaway, or just need to ask me a question, you can email me at

As for the cute little kitty above, I wish I could give credit for the pic to someone, but I am not sure where it came from.  A friend sent it to me back in the beginning of November.  I often have folks send me fun bacon and piggy pics and links.  This one was just too cute not to share.


  1. Yesterday I tried to reply to you and I kept getting it back. I quit after 3 times. LOL

  2. I want that outfit for my kitty! My husband has been threatening me that he's going to get me a plaque that says 'CRAZY cat lady'... I bet if he sees me dressing my kitty in this he will get me one for sure! :)

  3. You are right! It would be pity not to share this because it is adorable!!


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