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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Organize Your Online Life with Clipix

If you are like me, you are constantly finding recipes, crafts, clothes, shoes, books, places, projects, and a million other things online that you want to bookmark and save.  Guess what, now there is a super cool easy way to bookmark and clip anything and everything you find and like online!
 It's called clipix and it's FREE!
It only takes seconds to add a clipix clip to your bookmark, you simply have to drag it, and then you will be able to "clip" anything you like to your own personal free online organizer.   You can create any board, and as many as you like, to keep your clips organized.  For example, I was drooling over this bracelet I saw at, so I clipped it, and now it is saved on the board I created called "pretty things".

Crystal Pave / Hematite / Turquoise Blue by AkorieCollection
Clipped moments ago from via the clip button
Crystal Pave / Hematite / Turquoise Blue by AkorieCollection

Now I have clipped jewelry, clothes, shoes, but really you can clip anything and everything you find online you want to remember.  For example, see a recipe you want to save, clip it, see a vacation spot that looks amazing, clip it, you get the idea.  The great thing is, you decide if you want your clip to be public or not.  And if you do want to share, they make that easy to do to. They also have Syncboards where you can enjoy clipping collaboratively with friends and family. 
Below is a look at my "Pretty Things" board.  What boards will you create?  What will you clip?  It really is the easiest way to organize things you find online. So head to clipix and start clipping today.  Let me know in a comment below what you will use clipix for.  Remember you can clip anything, from articles to gift ideas, there is nothing you can't clip.  There is even an iPhone app for clipix so you can  take pics of things you like an clip them.  You can add a clip gadget to your blog or site really easily too!  You can find mine on my right side bar. 
For more information you can watch this: 


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