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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saucy Mama Giveaway! (And I Need Your Votes)

Saucy Mama has several new varieties of healthy mustard out.  They sent me six varieties to review, and they were all wonderful.  They are a great way to add a lot of flavor to your meal without adding lots of calories or fat.   I recently shared a reduced calorie and fat breakfast wreath I made using the new mustard. 

It taste even better then it looks, I promise. 

Saucy Mama asked me and 49 other food bloggers to submit healthy new recipes using the mustard for a chance to win $500 in cash and a $500 spa day!!!
As someone who does her own nails, often times cuts her own hair (I know crazy right), well you can imagine  how excited I am for the opportunity to win a day at the spa.  I have already promised my husband a couples massage if we win.  Saucy Mama is asking the public to vote for their favorite recipe.  I would sure appreciate your vote for my Saucy Mama Southwestern Breakfast Wreath.  Can you believe you can actually eat 1/4 of that large wreath for only 500 calories!  That's a lot of food, even for this Hungry Hypo.  You can
 vote here for My Healthy Saucy Mama Southwestern Breakfast Wreath.

You all have a chance to win 3 bottles of healthy Saucy Mama specialty gourmet mustard!
Use Rafflecopter form below to enter. 
You can enter once every 24 hours until the contest ends on 3/7/2012!
(Rafflecopter sometimes takes a second to load, sorry)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My favorite Saucy Mama mustard is Apricot-Ginger

    1. Carole just wanted to let you know to enter giveaway you need to use the Rafflecopter form in the post.

  2. Voted for ya! Those all look so good! I made that bacon wreath last week the night that you posted needed a kick though! I didn't have any Saucy Mama!

  3. Okay, TRYING to vote for ya. It's having problems loading.

  4. Hey Minide, I voted... but most importantly I cannot wait to see your hair color!!!
    The interview was awesome, thank you for sharing that.
    Jen @ F5

  5. Hey Girl, voted again today and put it out on my fb asking all my friends to vote for you also:) You deserve that spa day:)
    Hugs, j

  6. I Voted good luck to everyone

  7. The Apricot Ginger Mustard sounds divine.

  8. I just voted for you and think I'm in. Pretty sure I entered the giveaway here, too.

  9. i just voted for you--hope you win--good luck!! :)

    marci h
    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com


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