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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I Wore, Interchangeable Magnetic Ring Tutorial, & New Hair Cut

Last week when I shared my interchangeable crocheted heart and pearl ring, it got me thinking how easy it would be to make cabochon rings interchangeable using magnets. 
 First you need to make sure you have a ring blank that will attract your magnet and size up well.  Then instead of gluing your cabochons to the ring blank, you glue them to the magnet (making sure you glue it to the right side).   I tell you these little magnets, that were only a dollar I believe for a set of four at Walmart, are super strong.  I had the hardest time photographing everything together because my rings kept jumping around.   You will want to use jewelers glue not hot glue, for a long lasting bond. Be careful not to drop the magnets on a hard service because they do break pretty easy, as my older son found out when he was playing with the ones I wasn't using. 


ring blank
Magnetic Neo-Buttons
jewelers glue

The flower sits up on the ring blank nice and evenly, I intentionally set it on crooked to show you how it's not permanently attached. The magnets are strong, I don't see it falling off easily. 

Same ring blank with a different magnet cabochon. 

Now I am not going to share a flower or cameo cabochon tutorial because there are some great ones available, such as Loopy Loop Creations tutorial for a swirled flower cabochon ring.

Well that's what I have been making now let's see what I have been wearing:

This is actually a purple sundress from Walmart that I am wearing with a purple sweater.  The purple sweater and winter vest were both hand me downs from a girlfriend. I am also wearing a homemade crocheted bib style necklace.  I have never worn green and purple together. I threw on the vest since it was chilly outside, not sure if I love this outfit, but it kept me warm. 

Now for my new shaggy and sassy style!

Finally found time to get into my stylist, who I adore.  She forgave me for hacking at my own hair in moments of desperation.   I am loving my sassy shaggy shorter look. Still contemplating coloring in some Burgundy or purple grape highlights!!!  I know, I know, everyone warns me the color will fade quickly, but I can't shake the urge to color it. Just in case you want to know, the dress is new from Walmart, less the $10.  The necklace is a new creation of mine, similar to the ones in my shop pictured below.

Necklace Long  Bronze Tree Pendants

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  1. Love the new hair cut! You really look great!

  2. Love it!
    And your hair is SO SUPER CUTE!!!!

  3. Pssst: did you know your countertops were featured on TT&J?!

    1. Thanks for letting me know Mimi, I had not seen that yet!

  4. OMG...LOVE your hair!!! It looks fabulous :)

  5. Love your blog name! I'm a new follower - thanks for visiting. xo

  6. Love the hair cut! I just got mine chopped on Friday and I'm not sure I am in total control of it yet??

  7. Cute hair! Really like that green dress with the brown tights!

  8. Love that second outfit and the haircut suits you!

  9. My daughter would love the interchangeable ring -- great idea; thanks! And pretty hair!

  10. That looks like a neat ring and the hair cut is adorable! You have a great blog!

  11. You look darling - thanks for the ring inspiration!

  12. I love your green dress!!

  13. This is SUPER cute..I LOVE your dress. Would LOVE if you could please link it up via my Pin'Inspirational Thursday's linky party happening now pweeease.. ? I would sincerely appreciate it.. : )) .. Happy rest of the week.. ~Marilyn

  14. Cute rings, and even cuter hair--I like!

  15. I like your look and the green dress. I like to ask where do you buy your ring blank I have plenty of brooches that are really pretty to become a ring. Happy weekend!

    Mary, MI

  16. That ring idea is genius! Great post!

  17. Thanks for linking up @CountryMommaCooks…Luv the new do......Have a wonderful Sunday:)

  18. Love your haircut it suits you.. Your outfit is also very nice and the ring is so cute.. Thanks for linking up at fridayfun party..

  19. Your Rings are so cute! And I also just cut my hair really short - I Love how you curled yours! I'm going to give it a try! And Thanks for sharing it at Six Sister's Link Party! We hope to see you again next week!
    -The Sisters

  20. fab rings! and just LOVE your hair!!

    Thanks for linking up to Serenity Saturday Link Party

    Natasha xx


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