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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Debut of the Akorie Collection and Oh Yeah, Purple Hair!

Well you probably have noticed my new deep burgundy/purple hair.    In the pics and in really bright light it does look burgundy.  It's odd the color was described on the box (yes I did it myself) as deep burgundy, but everyone that sees it in person calls it purple, including the teen cashier at McDonalds who declared me to have "bad ass" hair!  OK enough about my hair, why I am really here today is to share with you all my new bracelet!!!

Crystal Pave / Hematite / Turquoise Blue Magnesite Bracelet

My new beautiful turquoise blue magnetite, silver hematite, woven bracelet with crystal pave center from the

When you own a piece of jewelry that is so pretty and unique, you just can't help but feel special when you wear it.  Since receiving this stunning new bracelet to review from Grace the owner and designer of the New Akorie Collection on Etsy, I have been enjoying wearing it.  I am finding it works well with both casual and sophisticated style. I am a huge fan of turquoise, but if you are not don't worry, she has a wonderful variety of colors to choose from. She even welcomes special orders.  One of of my favorite things about this bracelet is how you can easily adjust the size of it.  For that reason alone it would make a fabulous gift, since you don't have to worry about size.

The bracelet is stunning, I wish I could say the same about my nails. 

I want to show you all how nicely packaged my bracelet was when it arrived.  

Custom Beaded Bracelets
Like I said, Grace has a wide selection of handmade bracelets to choose from at her shop 

Thank you Grace for the beautiful bracelet!  I hope you all can tell how crazy I am about it.
Please all go visit Grace at her new shop on Etsy. 
 PS, you will want to make sure you "heart" her shop because we will be having an
  Akorie Collection GIVEAWAY soon!!!

Thank you to my wonderful husband Jerry Hilton for his beautiful photography work.

If you would like me to review a handmade product, please contact me via email

Disclosure: The above opinions are 100% mine. Although I was given a bracelet to review I was not monetarily compensated for this post.

To see where I party, please check out my LINKY LOVE page.


  1. Replies
    1. PS: Nice book of choice in your photo shot. ;)

    2. You noticed that, yes love me some Edward, I mean Twilight ;)

  2. Goregous!! All of it! I love it all and you are totally BAD ASS!!!

    1. It's the hair, who knew the blonde was holding me back LOL. Just kidding, I like the blonde too, but my hubby loves the purple, and that's kind of fun ;)
      Thank you for you sweet comments.

  3. Love the new hair. It looks like you!

  4. That's gorgeous!
    And the hair is cute too! :) I love that you change your hair color as much as I do. LOL
    And nice book choice too!

    1. Yes I like to change my look up often. I guess I get board easily. Thank you for you sweet comment. I almost rented Breaking Dawn yesterday, my hubby has not seen it yet.

  5. as someone who had hair of every color, i can appreciate this "purple"! i love it! beatiful bracelet, too!


  6. my artist daughter now has purple hair.

  7. I love the hair! And you look like you could be in a magazine- great photography Jerry! Bracelet is awesome!

  8. That hair is fierce, and I bought a fedora last night! Hope I kook as cute as you!!

    Katie- Hems For Her

    1. Oh hope you love your fedora I am sure you will rock it. I hardly wear mine, now that I see the pics I like how it looks and will wear it more. I am thinking of making some clips that I can add to it.

  9. Wow! You are bold! I've never dyed my hair...much less burgundy! Looks great on you. :)


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