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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Easy Minion Cake and Minion Nails

My oldest son celebrated his birthday on Aug 15th, and this was the cake I made him. We all enjoyed watching Despicable Me 2 this Summer. This cake was really easy, even someone who has never baked or decorated a cake could complete it. It's really affordable to make too, since all it took was 1 box of cake mix, 1 tub of frosting, food coloring, eggs, oil, and a single canning jar ring. Of course you could use two canning jar rings to make your Minion, however we like the single eye look. The canning jar ring resembles the goggles the Minions wear.


1 Box of Cake Mix
Eggs and Oil (or butter) Per Cake Box Directions
1 Frosting Tub (2 tubs if you like a lot of frosting)
1 Canning Jar Ring
Food Coloring
3 Plastic Sandwich Bags


Prepare your cake per box directions. I made 2 round cakes. Let cake cool per box directions. Set a small amount of frosting aside in a plastic sandwich bag, this will be for the light part of the eye. Using equal parts of red, yellow, and blue food coloring, make a little black frosting for the goggle straps, hair, and pupil. Make a tiny bit of brown by combining red and green food coloring with frosting, this will be for the iris of the eye. Make the remaining frosting yellow, for the Minion head. Fill your other two plastic bags with black and brown frosting. Start by frosting top of cake yellow. Snip the tip of the black frosting bag just slightly, to make hair at the top of your cake. Then place your canning ring in the center of cake. Then pipe light colored frosting into the canning ring. Spread frosting flat with spatula if needed.  Pipe in a small circle of brown frosting for the iris, then a drop of black for pupil. Snip the black frosting bag a little more, and make the goggle straps on either side of the ring.

Speaking of Minions, I have been enjoying having 10 Minions of my own. These were created using the nail art studio tab at They last up to 6 weeks on your toes, and are easy to apply.

Well I hope you have enjoyed your Summer. I can't believe it's almost over. The kids are already back in school, and the first day of Fall is approaching. Please share what you have been up to at our weekly Anything Goes linky party. 


  1. This cake is super cute. My son loves minions! I have pinned this to my Food Creations board.


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