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Monday, May 19, 2014

Floral Photography From Our Northern California Home

We live in the cold Sierra Mountains, where planting before June, can be very risky. Living dangerously, I have started some Spring gardening, and here is a sneak peak of some items growing in and around our home. This one is a Snapdragon flower growing in a bed in front of our living room window. My husband just repainted our home to this beautiful blue. 

This ones growing in a bed at the edge of our yard. 

Lots of purple blooms greet me as I get out of my car each day. 

Moving indoors, this is my view as I do dishes, a cactus garden and purple flowers, called Get Mee Campanula also known as a Bellflower. 

Here are some white flowers on my clover. I truly don't have a green Thumb, but clover seems to do well in my home. 

Here is a peak at blooms we will hopefully have in Summer around our home. So far all but one variety has sprouted! I also planted two varieties of Peonies bulbs this week. They are one of my favorite flowers. 

Well that's what I have been growing, what about you? Come share at our Anything Goes linky party. 


  1. muito linda suas flôres.é bom saber fazer de tudo um pouco,seus filhos são lindos e voçe .....mais grande abraço

  2. Hi Mindie - Despite a brutal winter, we are springing as well. Right now we have blooming - roses, irises, lilacs, and wisteria. And a few other flowers I have no idea what they are! Hugs, Holly

  3. Gorgeous photography, a real feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing this at History & Home this week! ~ Dawn @ We Call It

  4. This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing it at this week's Home Sweet Garden Party!

  5. gorgeous photos - beautiful blooms! I do appreicate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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