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Friday, June 13, 2014

Anything Goes Linky # 158, Side Effects, Temporary Digs, And Features

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I am so glad you are here! Welcome to the party. On Monday I ended the out of state commuting to my radiation treatments by temporarily moving to Reno, Nevada. I have the boys with me, and my husband is back at our California home, and back to work. Today I am sharing a few pics from our temporary location. I already miss our mountain life in Northern, California. The good news is, being away from home is making it easier for me to take it easy.

T.M.I. Warning:
 Before radiation I was getting 5.5 miles in at the gym daily. I am still going to the gym everyday, luckily there is one small gym here at the hotel, however I am already finding my endurance slipping.  Besides fatigue, I am experiencing a few more side effects, occasional upset stomach, redness, feeling bruised, and a salty taste in my mouth. I lost 5.5 pounds in one week, I guess there are some perks to cancer, hardy har har.  I am also noticing my right ta-ta being treated is feeling heavy and firm. This wouldn't be a bad thing, if it was balanced out on the other side. I am also a tiny bit concerned about never being able to wear thinner tops, how to put this, it looks like I am really cold on my right side, but I am not. I would tape the dang thing down, if it wasn't so red and tender.  Maybe my girls that have had radiation before can let me know if this goes away with time. I also sweat profusely on my right side. I might be a hot mess, but I am a lucky hot mess, who is doing great, has lots to be thankful for, and who appreciates all the love you have given her. 

So the blog and the shop are both accessible to me while I stay 3 weeks in Reno. I brought a small trunk with my shop items, and packaging material, as well as my computer and printer. My husband told me I should close my shop and rest, but in my crazy mind, that made me feel like cancer would be scoring, and this will be a shutout victory for me. I did rationalize, and agree not to take any custom orders for jewelry or perfume while I am away. I do love my shop, and enjoy packaging orders, so it's been something to look forward to each day. 

My temporary kitchen. Luckily for me, I am use to a small kitchen. The hotel offers a free hot breakfast, which is awesome. I feel a little spoiled not having to cook every meal for us. 

What we have been doing lots of is swimming, or at least the boys have. The pool is way to cold for this chicken. 

The pretty scarf is hiding an ugly sticker on my chest that looks like a target. They let me opt out of a 4th permanent tattoo, but the sticker was mandatory. It makes it easy for them to set up the radiation treatment each day, localizing the area treated. Without it they would have to spend additional time each visit setting me up. The pretty infinity scarf is an ombre pink, in silk, so it's nice and light. I won the scarf from Eat Drink And Be Mary by Coca Lily Boutique!  

The bathroom, and yes that's Mr. Fluffington underneath. My husband and the boys keep calling him Steve. I must admit, it dose seem to fit him. For such a tiny little thing, he has some mad hops. See that tub, yes he jumped into it twice already. He is potty trained, so we can let him out of his cage, and he hops back in it when he needs his litter box. He is hopping so much, I am keeping an eye on the toilet seat, don't want my sweetie to drown. 

You are free Steve, I mean Mr. Fluffington! 

Now for some fabulous features:

Mango Avocado Salsa  shared by Eazy Peazy Mealz. 

Stuffed Poblanos  shared by Life Away From The Office Chair.

White Clam Pizza Recipe  shared by Upstate Ramblings. 

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Now it's time to party! 


  1. Mindie,
    you are one brave and optimistic girl! I think bringing the work with you is a clever choice. You'll occupy your thoughts with something else which you love doing and that can be immensely positive for you. All the best luck to you!

    There is a motto I always say to myself in hard times: "Hope dies last".
    Never abandon hope!

  2. I guess you were expecting a few side effects.... You'll be find Mindie!! You're strong and you have positive attitude which is very important :)
    I'm an animal lover and your Steve got my attention. He is CUTE, so adorable :)
    Thanks for the party and have a good weekend

  3. You are so very very strong and brave. You are in my thoughts and prayers, friend!

  4. My dear Hot Mess Mindie... if they haven't already given you some, ask for "the cream" - it's some special non-script cream that um... helps. I hate to tell you... but 3 years later, my lucky fin still isn't back to normal. Just focus on your blessings! And just keep swimming... swimming... swimming!!! Big hugs to my warrior sister, Holly

  5. I love Steve!!! I want him! Take care love. Happy Friday to you.

  6. Mindie,
    You are an inspiration! You are in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be!! What an example to your chicldren!!

    Thanks so much for continuing the party!!


  7. You look beautiful Mindie and my prayers are with you as you go through this hot mess. Thank you for hosting the party. Have a blessed week ahead :)
    Julie@ Sweet and Spicy Monkey

  8. Great features, cute little Steve. Glad things are going somewhat ok. Positive thoughts your way!

  9. Thinking about you during this challenging time, Mindie May! Thanks for keeping us updated! ♥

  10. I will pray for you Mindie! Thank you for the update..blessings to you and your family.

  11. You are so strong and amazing! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Love the pic of Mr. Fluffington aka Steve!

  12. You look great, Mindie May! Attitude is half the battle. Hugs to you.

  13. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Mindie, I always appreciate your updates. You look beautiful . . . and great in green :0)
    I can see your strong, positive spirit in your smile. Keep it up!
    Thanks so much for hosting!
    Keeping you in my prayers . . .

  14. I hope the 3 weeks fly by and that you are feeling better in no time...prayers!

    Thanks for hosting such a great party!


  15. Sounds like you are making the best out of a bad situation...good for you! Pinned the party!

  16. thanks for the party! and coming to my party as well! I really enjoy socializing with everyone! its great fun and i love meeting new people.

  17. Thank you so much for hosting the party! :)
    XO! Vanessa

  18. Mindie, you are beautiful!!! I really love to see you with the green dress :)
    Thanks for the great party!!!
    Sending prayers your direction.
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  19. ♪♫♪ Good morning, Mindie May ♫♪♫
    Happy Friday the 13th to you!
    I am in awe of you and your attitude! You are a beautiful person, through and through!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Thanks for the link-up! I hope you beat that cancer!

  21. I love how you styled the scarf! Pink & green always look great together. Congrats on winning again! I'm happy to be linking up for the first time this week :)

  22. Thanks for hosting Mindie! I haven't been here for awhile. I'm in awe of you. Glad you're doing well. I'll be praying.

  23. Can I just say you have the most AMAZING attitude! You sound like me bringing the shop with you! Thank you for a great party and you are awesome doll!

  24. So glad your doing well, and y'all look like your having a fun time. Kids seem to always be fine with swimming no matter how cold it is. Thanks for hosting.

    Shannon ~

  25. Hi Mindie, you are looking so pretty in that green dress and infinity scarf! I love your vivacity and admire your strength and optimistic attitude to life :) Thanks for sharing the updates and for hosting. You are in my thoughts and prayers always! Take care of yourself! ~new follower, hugs, Poppy

  26. Glad the boys and you have settled in and it looks like a nice place. So great to have a hot breakfast you don't have to cook! Take care and keeping you in my prayers. Get lots of rest!

    Hugs, Dianne

  27. Glad to have found your site. Keep up the good work! DB Product Review

  28. Thank you so much for featuring my stuffed peppers! Cant wait so see all the other good stuff on your linkup party! Have a great week!

  29. I love your positive attitude, and I'm sending good wishes your way. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago, and the symptoms from her radiation did fade. She's still doing great today!

  30. I love your bunny! He's so cute! Thanks for hosting!


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