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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Anything Goes Linky # 167, Features, Hematoma, And Birthday Cake

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Welcome to the party! I am so glad you, and Friday, are here! Although Friday's are really just another day to a mom, am I right?  
This last week has been exhausting.  My youngest tripped on his shoe laces, which I had just double knotted, not 30 minutes prior. He fell, and hit his forehead, on the cement in our front walk way. Although he was showing no signs of a concussion, we rushed him to the hospital, because it immediately looked terrible.  I know they say swelling on the outside is good, it's the inside you need to worry about. As a mother, I won't take any chances.  So after a trip to the ER, I was feeling better, knowing that even the skilled doctors couldn't find anything wrong. It was simply an ugly hematoma, that would need time to heal.  Please know Lucas is doing just fine. He is so tough, he didn't even request Tylenol after that night.  The swelling is down, although it took a couple days, for two black eyes to appear. I am so bummed he will be starting Kindergarten next week with a nasty boo boo.  Hopefully picture day will be a ways off.  I am still holding my breath, when I watch him play outside. Seriously can't we keep them in helmets until they are, I don't know, 18  21 years old?

This was Lucas last week, Thursday night, after a trip to the ER, and lots of ice. 

This was him, this week, on Tuesday, with his big brother.  As you can see, he is looking so much better, not nearly as swollen, but a little black eyed.   

Speaking of big brother, we celebrated our oldest sons birthday this week!  I have two of the best boys ever.  Happy 12th Birthday Joshua, I love you! Thank you for being such an awesome young man, and older brother.  It wasn't easy for us to buy you those roller-blades, you requested for your birthday, after this last week. Praying for no more trips to the ER. 

BTW, if you are ever in Reno, Nevada, you must go to Pinocchio's Bar And Grill. We have celebrated three birthday's there. They really do a wonderful job. They bring out a huge candelabra for you to blow out, and a  slice of the best tasting ice cream cake. It's such a cool dive, with lots of vintage memorabilia. I think I will bring my good camera next time I am there. 

Now enough about my drama. I apologize for the party delay.

In case you missed my earlier post, I shared how to turn runny lotion into luxurious scented body butter.

Now it's time to feature some of my favorite links from last weeks party:

Free Social Media Icon Buttons shared by I Gotta Create!

Reupholstered Chair  shared by No Business Like Sew Business. 

Crafts Using Recycled Belts shared by Redo It Yourself Inspirations. 

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From Everyday To Gourmet shared a Double Tomato Tart With Ricotta And Basil .  

Now it's time to party, show me what you are working with!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. OMG! Poor guy! We had one of those ER visits a while back sooooooooo scary! I linked up my Swap and Tell party (I hope that is ok) for shop owners. Thank you for a fun party girl!

  2. Bless his heart and yours! My little man (9) got a brand new Razor scooter last Thursday. We left for the lake to camp Friday morning. By Friday night we too were in the ER with his arm broke. He too will be going back to school with one nasty boo boo. Please know that someone else out here knows how you are feeling.

    melsdaisypatch at gmail dot com

  3. Poor little guy that looks terrible! Thank goodness he's ok.

  4. My oldest son received one of those knots on a concrete floor when he was about 3. No fun:( Thanks for hosting!

  5. Wow! That is a nasty hematoma! no wonder you were a concerned mother. Glad he is OK.... :)
    xox, Crystelle

  6. Auchhhhhh
    It does look quite scary!!
    I'm he's OK though

    Thanks for the party and have a relaxing weekend

  7. Oh my! That's a nasty bump! Good to hear he is OK!

  8. My daughter got a nasty bump just like that courtesy of a cement park bench, glad your little one is doing better!
    Thank you for featuring my chair!!
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Thank you so much for hosting such a fun and creative party! Have the BEST weekend!
    ~ Ashley

  10. Oh my! That is quite a knot on the head - makes me wince! Glad everything is ok.
    Thanks for featuring my free social media buttons Mindie May!
    <3 Christina

  11. That is one dandy Hematoma!! Yikes!!

    Thanks for the party, Mindie!!


  12. Ouch!! Happy he is doing better now. Hugs and thank you for hosting

  13. OUCH :(. I swear I want to put my youngest in bubble wrap .. lol

    Thanks for the party :)

  14. So sorry that your baby got a nasty bump on his head! Glad it was not serious.

    Thanks so much for featuring my exercise post. Have a great weekend.

  15. Ouch! That looks horrible! Poor kid. That cake looks amazing though!

  16. Glad to hear you son is doing good. Thanks for hosting!

  17. Ouch, that looks like it hurt! Glad to hear he's doing well! And that birthday cake looks yummy! Did you make that? Thanks for hosting another fun party Mindie!
    Julie@ Sweet and Spicy Monkey

  18. Thank you for the invitation and for hosting. Have a nice evening. Tina

  19. Glad your little guy is okay. Those bumps can be scary! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  20. Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing my light and refreshing allergy-free Frozen Sangria Lemonade and Summer Drinks that beat the Summer heat. I’m also sharing my remarkable discovery about Astaxanthin and how it saved me from a bad sunburn on vacation.

  21. Wow, how scary. Glad to know he's doing fine, though. Thank you for hosting. Have a great weekend.

  22. Hi Mindie,
    I linked up my Chrysanthemum Cake Pops today! I hope your son is doing better every day! Thanks for hosting!

  23. Wow! That was a scary looking hematoma! Glad it wasn't are tough! My 6 y/o got kicked on the playground (in the face...monkey bars are dangerous!) and ended up with his first black eye a couple months back. It looked terrible, but seemed more painful for me than him ;-)

  24. Hello cute lady! It is always a pleasure to stop by your fabulous party. Please come and party with us on Monday at 7 pm. We would be honored to have you!
    Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  25. Hi Mindie!
    I'm so glad your son is okay. Those hematomas are the scariest sights. It gave me a flashback of when my older son hit his little brother in the head with a toy hammer. Hopefully the shiner on your son's eye will be long gone before picture day.
    Such wonderful features again this week and to be included among them is so exciting! Thank you for hosting and sharing our links!
    Have a great week~

  26. That bump is crazy!!! I'm glad he's ok. You are so amazing to keep blogging through breast cancer. I have not had the desire. You are a rock star! Hope you're feeling good. XO


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