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After looking around, I think you will find my advertising here at Bacon Time to be the best bang for your buck.

If you would like me to advertise your shop, blog, linky,  and or a giveaway you are hosting on your site, I will in a blog post for $50. I will also share that post on all my social networking sites such as Twitter, Triberr, Pinterest, and Facebook.    

Side Bar Adds:

  6 months of advertising on my right side bar for only $150!!!
3 months of advertising on my right side bar for only $80!!!
1 month of advertising on my right side bar for only $30!!!

This is for a 200 x 200 size advertising button.
Want a banner add on the top of my blog, contact me for more info!

Reviews and Giveaways:
Want me to review your product, right now I am offering free reviews, as long as the merchandise being reviewed has a $40 value or more. Items reviewed will not be sent back.   With every review you will have the opportunity to to host a giveaway on Bacon Time too, at no added charge. 

Why Bacon Time Is A Great Choice:

I network weekly, promoting my blog and sponsors with Facebook (personal account, group, and fan page), Twitter, Google Friends Connect, Bloglovin, Networked blogs, Email Subscribers, Pinterest, linky parties, and Triberr.  

I have great Klout! Not familiar with Klout, it is basically a credit score for your social media influence.  Anyone with a Klout score of 30 or more is considered to have social media expertise.  My Klout score as of 4/16/2014 is 54! For more information on Klout head here.


I look forward to hearing from you.
You can reach me Mindie Hilton via email @

 Please feel free to contact me at my Etsy shop too:

Here are just a few of the testimonials from past Bacon Time sponsors that I have received:

Loopy Loop Creations
Not only has my traffic tripled, you are #3 on my list of traffic sources! And I love the fact that I am drawing a more diverse crowd. I am receiving likes across all of my listings!

Angelnetinc Etsy
Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway! 
 I have seen a huge jump in traffic! 

Merelani Designs
 Thanks Mindie! You brought ALOT of traffic to my facebook page! Much appreciated :)